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Jodie and Soda's $60,000 Secret Sound Incorrect Guesses

Jodie and Soda launched their $60,000 Secret Sound on 14 January 2019. They gave away $10,000 to Hannah from Blakeview who guessed the first sound correctly on Monday 21 January. Then they launched a second sound for $25,000, and have a third sound for $25,000 coming after that.

On Monday, 11 February, Jodie and Soda interrogated the only people who know the answer to the Secret Sound - Tight Tony the boss and Premier Steven Marshall - and managed to get NINE clues from them. They're now here for you to review online.

GUESSES - SOUND 2 ($25,000)

GUESSES UPDATED TO 6am 14 february 2019

Duct Tape

A strip of Velcro being ripped

Rubber gloves being taken off

Paint can being sprayed

Retracting measuring tape

Clothes hangers moving along the clothes rack

Old fashioned envelope opener opening an envelope

Ripping velcro apart

A toy pull back car being pulled back

Squeezing a can of shaving cream

Turning the page of a pamphlet or book

Wrapping paper being scrunched up

Pulling the tab on a postage pack

Peeling the zipper oh a security seal

Ripping a band aid off skin

Opening fresh sticky tape off a roll

Putting rubbish in the bin on a computer

Scraping a piece of toast with butter

Ripping off a Band Aid

Cracking open a soda can

Clicking down the metal latch on a glass jar

Opening a can of coke

Pulling the lid off a can of beans

Opening a can of beer

Peeling seal off milk bottle

Peeling skin off onion

Slot you put the coin in at Aldi

Pulling tape off tape dispenser and cutting it

Pulling the wrapper off a Le Snack

A retractable tape measure

A receipt being ripped out off an EFTPOS machine 

Taking the aluminium top off a champagne bottle - the wrapper

Pushing the button on a Soda Stream

Opening a can of vegetables

Opening a can of coke

Lifting lid off a can of beans

Putting rubbish in the bin on a computer

Scraping a piece of toast with butter

Ripping off a Band Aid

Cracking open a soda can

Clicking down the metal latch on a glass jar

Biting a chip

Pulling out then 'locking in' a tape measure

Hand held packing tape dispenser

Squashing slime

Blowing air IN to a party popper

A camera shutter

Pushing the bubble out of bubble wrap

Shuffling cards

Cracking the ice from an ice cube tray

Breaking a really fresh celery stalk

Breaking open a fortune cookie

Automatic air freshener spraying

Reloading a Nerf gun

opening a band aid strip with string

Biting on a chip

A pricing gun

Stretching out a bendy straw

Cutting a label for a label maker

Winding an egg timer

Ripping open a cornetto or ice-cream wrapper

Turning the lid on a spice or S&P grinder

A retractable pen - retracting!

Crushing a clove of garlic with a garlic crusher

Peeling off the inside seal of a tub of butter or margarine

Sharpening a knife

A balloon pump

Ripping alfoil from the roll

Opening a new packet of tennis

Turning a Salt and Pepper grinder

Using a food labeling machine

Open and closing a stapler

Putting a straw in to a glass of ice

Squeezing icecream out of an icecream scoop

Opening a Christmas cracker (bon bon) 

Peeling the back off a Dymo tape

Opening a can

Breaking the heart from a lettuce

The spring reloading in a stapler

Cutting through the chip  of a credit card

Turning the knob on a gumball machine

Pulling the sticky tape from a tape dispenser

Opening a new packet of chewing gum

Stepping on a snail

Opening a canister of tennis balls

A McDonalds Spiderman pull out cord

A party blower rolling back

Pulling sticky tape off the dispenser

Removing fuse from the fuse box in the car

Peeling off the plastic from an instant microwave meal

Pressing the lever on a sweetener tablet dispenser

Peeling back the resealable strip on a packet of bread wraps

The cord retracting on a vacuum

Ripping foil

Opening the lid on a long life milk bottle

Turning a rubik’s cube to line up the colours

Removing a new toothbrush out of its package

Using a 'guiro' - a Spanish instrument

Squeezing a flour sifter

Opening a can of tennis balls

Ripping masking tape off a ride cymbal drum kit

Clicking the lever down on a toaster

Opening a can with a plastic handled can opener - clicking the end bit off

Cutting and gliding scissors through wrapping paper

Ripping a new sheet of tin foil from the roll

Peeling a vegetable with a potato peeler

Scissors opening and closing

The small tab you slide across cutting cling wrap

Peeling back the foil on a Pringles packet

Squeezing between thumb and finger and tomato sauce capsule

Ripping off the seal of a Glad wrap or Alfoil box

Sharpening a knife on a sharpener

Opening up an ironing board

Grinding pepper in pepper grinder

Pushing a medicine tablet out of its blister pack

Twisting a cap on a child safe vitamin bottle

Pushing the button on a 'push puppet' 

A latch chain on a door security lock

Opening a mason jar

The metal tongs springing open after removing the lever

crumpling of paper

A salt and pepper grinder grinding

Opening a glass jar with a metal lid

Loading the cartridge on a shotgun

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