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Jodie & Soda's Listener Book Of Records

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Jodie & Soda's Listener Book of Records Winners:

Adelaide's biggest shoe collection. 
Winner: Danielle from Happy Valley who has 529 shoes! 

Adelaide’s Longest Commute

Winner: Anna who drives from Kadina to Noarlunga every day for work. That's 179kms! 

Adelaide’s Biggest Vet Bill 

Winner: Hilary who's boss spent $25,000 on titanium plates for his dog. 

The Biggest Age Gap in a relationship 

Winner: :Karen from Flagstaff Hill who's father has a 45 year age gap with his partner. 

Adelaide’s Longest Labour
Winner: Elizabeth who was in labour for a week! ey didn’t believe me!”     

Biggest Collection of Pets: 
Winner: Kara from Wingfield who has 12 pets. 

Adelaide’s Biggest Baby Born
Winner:Jo from Largs Bay who's brother was 14 pounds 8 ounces.  

The Most You've Cost Your Company
 Winner:Paul from Bridgewater who cost the company $300,000. 

Biggest Impulse Purchase 
 Winner: Lisa from Walkerville who bought a house for $800,000.

Shortest Marriage

Winner:Peter from Crafers who's friend was maried for 5 hours. 

Adelaide’s Biggest Wedding
Winner:Nastasia who had over 1,000 people. 

Biggest Win
Winner:Nick from Woodcroft who won $270,000 in a UK lottery.

Adelaide’s Youngest Grandparent

Winner:Margaret from Flinders Park who's grandma was 31 when she became a grandparent. 

The Most Marriages:
Winner: Aleeta from Ingle Farm who's grandma was married 10 times! 

Biggest Fine

Winner: Adam who was fined $80,000.

Shortest Time Between Meeting and Getting Married

Winner: Manu from Hillcrest who got married after one week. 

Oldest Thing In Your Pantry  

Winner: Nadine from Hallet Cove who has 88 year old Menz chocolate in her cupboard. 

Biggest Insurance Claim With The Car
Winner: Nicola from Seaford Meadows who's claim was $500,000. 

Biggest Credit Card Bill:
Winner Jill from Royal Park who spent $80,000. 

Longest Time Spent Away From Partner: 
Winner Pete from Newton who spent seven years away from his partner. 

 Biggest Age Gap between Oldest and Youngest Kid
Winner Aleeta with 35 years. 

Most Expensive Unwanted Gift 
Winner: Ros who bought a $6000 tailor made chair for her husband which was hideous. 

Largest Amount Of Money Found
Winner:Tiff from Trott Park who's mum found $50,000 in a pencil case.   

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