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Soda Announces Third Child On Air & FAINTS During The Birth!

 Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom has announced live on air with his breakfast co-host Jodie Oddy the birth of his third child, a little boy who will be a brother to fellow siblings Felix and Sienna.

Soda “I think Mrs Soda bounced back better than me, I collapsed! While they were sitting there cutting the cord I’m lying on the ground with a wet towel on my head, how pathetic is that!”

Mark Soderstrom announced the name of his new addition to the family but his co-host Jodie was less than impressed with the new additions name.

Soda “His names Otis”

Jodie “Have you come to or are you till passed out? Do I pretend I like it or are we going to play that game?”

Soda “I don’t give a flying rats toss what you think about the name I like it”

Otis Soderstrom was born around 6:30am SA Time, Friday, September 16th, weighing 7.74 pounds.

Stay tuned for photos!

Last night when Kate went into labour, Jodie crossed to Soda in the hospital to find out the latest on the arrival of Baby No.3 to join the Soderstrom family!

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