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Melb Students Create Tinder Experiment To Catch Kid Groomers

Jodie & Soda speak with Melbourne University Student Julie who posed as a 15-year old girl “Imogen” to lure for child groomers using the popular dating app Tinder.

“Imogen” was actually 21 and with her friend Blake they spearheaded a sting operation, which they call the Tinder Experiment, and their actions have resulted in the arrests of two child groomers.


The profile said Imogen was 18-years-old — you have to be that age to download the dating app — but they wrote a bio clearly stating she was 15 and in fact, underage.

Detective Senior Constable Emma O’Rourke, from the Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team said the Tinder experiment gave police half a dozen names of people who made contact with Imogen and two men were jailed with the evidence from the social media experiment. 

Have a listen as Julie explains just why decided to do The Tinder Experiment and the results of teenagers chatting to older men online… 

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