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Renae's Secret To Making Sure Joe Doesn't Miss Any Twin News

It's been seven weeks since Adelaide Thunderbirds superstar Renae Ingles saw her high-flying NBA husband Joe in person, but thanks to Facetime she's made sure he hasn't missed out on any milestones with their 9-month-old twins.

Renae made the difficult decision last year to take a year off from netball after giving birth to Milla and Jacob, but the lure of the game brought her back earlier than she expected, complicating things for the family. 

"It was really tough when I had to make the decision last year that I was going to take a year off of leave. Then to sit back over in Salt Lake City and see all the girls run out there it was really hard," she told Jodie & Soda.

"Then the opportunity arose when Hannah Petty came down with the injury and Dan (coach) asked if I'd like to come back as a training partner," she continued.

Proudest family on the planet... go get em' @joeingles7 xxx

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Renae said the decision was made easier knowing her 29-year-old husband would be on the road a lot with the Utah Jazz.

"I didn't feel as guilty taking the kids away from him. I'm just so glad I came back because there's nothing quite like being back in a team environment and then coming home to your kids," she said.

Renae couldn't be any prouder of her husband, who is set to line up against the Golden State this week in the NBA semi-final play-offs.

"For us as kids growing up in Australia watching the NBA it was untouchable and now for him to be lining up against the Golden State Warriors for a semi-final is unbelievable," she told Jodie & Soda.   

"What people don't see is what he puts in behind the scenes. He's always shooting before practise, after practice and putting in all that hard work," she continued.  

The couple deal with the long-distance by Facetiming, sometimes up to 9 times a day.

Jacobs face when I said the @supernetball season starts today!!! Good luck to all teams... let the games BEGIN!!!!

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"It's the hardest thing easily that I've ever done in my life, having the twins full stop. It's incredibly hard being a mum. Two - trying to play netball again and that exhaustion roll over that just continues to go and then for Joe to be away as well," she said.

"It's really, really hard but thank god for social media and technology... and he hasn't missed a thing."  

"He still read to the kids, he still does moo sounds and sees all of that. They crawl towards him on the phone. They know exactly who he is on Facetime so it's really sweet."

Hear the full chat here: 

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