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SA Vinnies CEO David Wark on new Women's crisis centre

In Australia, an average of one woman is killed every week at the hands of a current or former partner.

In the Adelaide metro area alone, South Australian police receive around 400 call each week on domestic violence matters, with 10% of these considered high risk.

SA Vinnies CEO David Wark tells Jodie & Soda they are opening a Women's Crisis Centre to complement our existing men's shelter and support women with short-term, emergency accommodation.

Authorities often have no choice but to temporarily house women in motel style accommodation, where many make the decision to return to a dangerous and abusive relationship.

Wark hopes the new facility will provide a safe place for women in Adelaide and hopefully will change the behaviour on many returning to unsafe homes.

“The statistic is 8 times a woman will leave and go back before they make the hard call I’m out permanently”

Located in the Northern Suburbs the centre is a 20 room facility anticipated to accept guests from October 2017 and will be staffed 24 hours, every day of the year.

For more information visit https://www.vinnies.org.au

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