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Soda's been caught out hiding his Lego Obsession

Soda’s son Felix was given Lego for his fifth birthday and it seems Soda has formed a little addiction to the children’s building toy.

Jodie has received a call from Heath at the Toy Corner in Dernancourt and it seems Soda is using his son’s

But Jodie reveals his new fondness for Lego has gone to the next level…

“We’ve had a phone call from a man called Heath he works at a place called Toy Corner at Dernancourt, did you or did you not go and visit Toy Corner?”

Soda responded, “oh I just quickly popped in to replace Felix’s Spiderman”

Heath revealed Soda’s downplaying of the visit to the Toy store to purchase Lego wasn’t quite what it seemed.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a quick trip!”

“It’s good to hear your son was happy with them what about the ones for yourself? It seems a little bit like ‘they are for my son’ wink wink nudge nudge!”

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