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This Photo From The Bachelor Shocked Everyone

If you’ve been watching the new Bachelor series, you’ve probably been busy looking for signs that Richie has his eye on one girl more than the others.

I know that’s what I’ve been doing. Either that or you’ve been insanely entertained by the ‘villain’ Keira!

She’s amazing, isn’t she?!

Well, one thing you may have missed during the premiere, is the impending wardrobe malfunction that could have affected many girls throughout the night.

The thigh-high slit dresses were out in full force, and many viewers were quick to slam the girls, calling the frocks “too rude”.

It’s not really a shock to see them gracing Aussie TV shows, with people like Angelina Jolie and Bella Hadid making the thigh high slit a trademark look for the red carpet.

Who knows, next year they may do the Kendall Jenner and just ditch the undies altogether!

Source: news.com.au

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