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The Reason Why Tziporah Malkah Threatened To Punch Jodie

It was all going smoothly, until Jodie dropped the two dreaded words... Kate Fischer. The former model and actress recently changed her name after reconnecting with Judaism and didn't take too kindly to the reference to her old life.  

James Packer's former girlfriend has transformed her life from former Sydney party girl to dedicating her life to the "healthcare industry".

The interview got off to a promising start, as the former Adelaide girl spoke fondly of her birthplace, telling Jodie & Soda she had the most fabulous childhood growing up in Unley Park.  

Conversation quickly turned to fan favourite Kris Smith, who famously clashed with the former model. When asked who she'd like to feed to the crocodiles, Tziporah responded: Kris Smith. 

"Nasty. Just a naty person," she continued.

"Just aggressive and I would love to have a Kris Smith fabulous Gucci bag. It would be well fed with great guns inside that Gucci bag." 

Tziporah's attention quickly turned to Jodie after when she made the unfortunate slip of the tongue, calling Tziporah, Kate.  

"Shut up or I’ll come over there and punch you, Jodie," she exclaimed. 

Whoops! We don't think Jodie's going to make that mistake again! 

Listen to the full interview here: 



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