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‘The Voice’ Rigged?! Our Own Thom Lion's Stunning Allegation

Jodie and Soda’s Producer Thom "The Aquaman" Lion dropped a bomb on-air this morning when he recounted a surprise phone call from the producer’s of Channel 9’s reality singing show, The Voice.

Thom, is a professional singer as well as answering calls for Jodie and Soda and helping make Adelaide’s No.1 breakfast show.

Last month he recorded a song with Jodie and Soda, ‘We Love This City’, as a tribute to Adelaide, and earlier in the year he serenaded listener Racheal with her favourite Phil Collins song as a pretend busker. It was the way Racheal found out she’d won front row ticket to Phil Collins.

But he’s arguably made his biggest headlines of the year this morning when he gave Jodie and Soda legitimate evidence that ‘The Voice’ is rigged.

Thom had been invited to appear on the show as a contestant but when he turned down the opportunity, they came back to him with an offer that has left us shocked! Watch it in the video above.

“They said ‘we can promise you if you do decide to join the show that you will get through to the semis at least’,” Thom said.

“They said ‘we can guarantee you – wink – that you will get through to the later rounds of the show’.


Doesn’t Australia pay good money to vote for their favourite singers pretty early on in the show?

Thom suggested the judges like Delta Goodrem, Seal, Jessie J, Benji Madden etc, would have been told during the first round – when they have their chair facing the other way – who they should choose.

The reasons for making such an offer to Thom – even though he’s a great singer – might have been more to do with his ‘back story’, which can make a singer more appealing in a reality TV style show such as The Voice.

“The head honcho producer rang me up and they just wanted to know a bit more about me, my story,” he explained.

“Obviously because I’ve got a young daughter, Narla, being a young dad, that bodes well for this type of program.”

Despite encouragement from his partner Jessica Braithwaite (who works at Channel 9), Thom still decided to turn them down.

We don’t think they’ll be calling him again, after revealing this.

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