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We're off to Travis Boak’s place for a very intimate reason!

It’s actually happening – it wasn’t a joke.

Travis Boak will be interviewed by Jodie and Soda live from his sauna next week!

The Port Adelaide AFL star revealed on Tuesday morning that he has his own three-person infrared sauna in his house.

Not only that, he can watch Netflix while he’s in there.

“What, doesn’t everyone have one,” he joked.

And here’s the kicker – he didn’t pay for it!

He posted a photo of himself in it on Instagram recently, and that clearly had something to do with getting it for free from Sunlighten.

“So excited to see and feel the benefits this season from the @sunlighten.au 3-in-1 infrared sauna I have recently installed in my house,” Boak wrote in the accompanying ad, sorry, caption.

“After 12 years in the AFL recovery has become even more important in helping me stay in the best physical and mental condition for my game.”

When he heard about Crow Tom Lynch adding a basketball court to his house, Boak was more than happy to get stuck into him.

“What, how top end’s he gone. Bit of an ego going on there,” Boak said.

But as for his sauna, that’s just normal apparently.

“Everyday stuff that is,” he said. “There’s a little TV in there. That’s just day to day stuff isn’t?”

Jodie and Soda put him back in his place.

“Are you the most unrelatable bloke in AFL football,” Soda said stunned. “Who are you Travis Boak?!”

“Are you just turning your back on the heartland that is Alberton,” asked Jodie.

Then Soda had the idea that perhaps they could go along and enjoy it with him.

“Next week when we do our interview, instead of you coming to us, can we come to you and do it from the sauna?” Soda asked.

“Yes,” Boak replied empathically. “100 per cent. It’s a three-person sauna!”

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