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Evicted Single Mum-Of-Four Given A Second Chance

When you meet Melissa and her four beautiful boys, you can’t help but notice how much of a beautiful family they are.

You’d have no idea of the dark times they’re battling as a family just by looking at them.


Melissa was struck down with a back injury last year that saw her needing two surgeries and unable to work and pay the rent.

Luckily, Melissa and her four boys were able to stay in a refuge, but time is running out and they’re going to have to leave their accommodation there by the end of the week.

We brought Melissa in studio under the ruse that we would be asking Sydney to help her out with her situation - but really, we already had a surprise in store.

With the help of Community First Real Estate, we’ve found a home for Melissa and her four boys, and we’ll be covering the rent for the first three months, to give her time to recover from her injury.

They’ll also get $15,000 worth of furniture from Mobilia Furniture Hire including:

Lounge Rug

Coffee Table

Tv unit

Dining table + chairs

2 x bedsides for each bedroom

4 x single beds


Linen accessories

Enjoy your new home, you so deserve it!

Thanks to our friends at Mobilia Furniture Hire, add value to your home with Sydney’s leading property stylists. 


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