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Gary Speaks Out About Devastating Thing Charlotte Did

This morning Kyle and Jackie O welcomed Gary from Geordie Shore to the show. He was on to discuss Charlotte and everything that had happened between the two of them since her tragic ectopic pregnancy.

He recapped what we already knew; that Gary discovered Charlotte was pregnant while he was overseas filming ‘Ex on the Beach’ and learned of Charlotte’s condition during that first phone call.

Gary said the pair weren’t officially together, but that he spoke to Charlotte every day while he was away filming.

He then revealed that after their big disagreement, where he returned from shooting and the story of her pregnancy was out and the two of them were destined to be over for good, after a while he suggested a catch-up.

So they did.

He said it went REALLY well. They covered a lot of what had happened between them and were in a good place.

Then Gary heard around a week later, she described him as the ‘lowest of the low’, ‘lower than a murderer’. That was the final straw. Gary suggested they don’t speak in the future.

And this is where we are now, no more #Chaz, I’m so sorry, everyone.

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