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Grant Hackett Reveals Reason Behind THAT Fight With Brother

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Grant Hackett, who has had his fair share of time in the spotlight over the last few years.

First his divorce made headlines, the messing up of his apartment - to then a fight with his brother, which saw him upload a horrific bloody selfie of his bashed-up face.

Kyle and Jackie O took the opportunity to catch up with Grant, and find out what really happened with that fight, and how he came to upload that photo…

'To look back on that footage is quite agonising,” he began.

'I was in a bad place, I suffer with pretty bad anxiety through certain points, and into that depressed state.

'I started drinking, I drank too much at my parent’s house, got into an argument with my dad, and that obviously wasn’t a good thing.

'I wasn’t in a great state of mind, basically went into their guest house and locked myself in there, and I went to sleep, but they didn’t know that.

'They were worried about me, obviously concerned for my welfare, so they called the police, they wanted to make sure things were okay.

'Next minute I basically got woken up by a couple of police officers and yeah, I was in shock. The realisation of what was about to happen and all the events that transpire from that, given everything is so public in my life. It was quite terrifying.

‘There was a fight with the brother though wasn’t there? A punch on with the brother?’ Kyle asked.


‘Yeah, that was a month earlier, I didn’t get any punches in there as you can see from the result.

‘You put a photo up on Instagram, you looked pretty badly beaten,’ Jackie said.

‘Is he your older brother or younger?’ Kyle asked.

‘He’s my oldest brother, I’ve only got one brother he’s six-and-a-half years older than me.

‘That was pretty full on!’ Jackie said.

‘Yes it shocked him, basically what happened there was I wasn’t in a good space for a couple of months, he came over to my house and I guess I was refusing that help, he tried to come in, I didn’t want him to come in.

‘When I get into that state of mind, I go reclusive.

‘We were struggling for the door, he then won, he’s a very strong guy and I was trying to push him out, and we sort of got into a bit of push and shove.

‘Then he whacked me with his weak arm, so I’d hate to see what would happen if it was his strong arm - and I ended up in hospital and we were both very regretful for the situation. I got surgery all around my eye and got that all fixed up.

‘If that was a month before that incident with the parents and the rest, did you regret posting that picture on instagram where he’d hit you? Now do you regret that, or you don’t? Jackie asked.

‘Don’t drink and post, is my message to everybody,’ Grant replied.

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