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Guy Attacked By Britney During 2007 Breakdown Speaks Out

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Danny Ramos, the guy who is auctioning off Britney Spears’ famous green umbrella, you know, the one she broke when she rammed in into a paparazzi’s car?

Well the man inside the car was actually Ramos, and he had an exclusive photo opportunity.

Britney had just finished shaving her head during her 2007 meltdown when she famously came out and attacked a car with an umbrella.

“We were actually just trying to see if she was okay, believe it or not.”

Now, Ramos is auctioning off the piece of ‘memorabilia’ and he’s fairly certain he can get a hefty price for it.

“When it [the incident with Britney and the umbrella] first happened, I put the umbrella and the truck on eBay, and a guy from Australia bid $30,000 for it! He didn’t even want the truck, just the car!”

“So why do you still have the umbrella?” Kyle asked.

“As soon as I found out how much it could go for, I pulled it off!”

As far as how much he imagines the umbrella will go for now, 10 years later, Ramos thinks it could start at “$100,000!”

So what’s going to happen with the cash?

Some people have suggested giving the money to charity, while others have suggested giving the cash to Britney.

We also asked him how he and Britney are now. “She actually apologised to me! She’s doing so well, she’s in Vegas now.

He also had a message for Britney before he left; “Thank you Britney for all the good times.”

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