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Jackie O Responds To THOSE Pregnancy Rumours

This morning, an article went live on the Daily Mail surrounding a video uploaded by the Kyle and Jackie O page the night before.

The video saw ‘Puerto Rican Pedro’ - one of the producers on the show - fart on Jackie O and then waft the smell onto her face before running out.

Jackie, flabbergasted, got up to run out after him before he hid under his desk.

LUCKILY, Pedro had just accumulated a ‘fart toy’ and the whole thing was a (hilarious) joke.

Then today, the Daily Mail published an article that was focused around a few comments on the video, speculating that Jackie was pregnant. They thought they could spot a baby belly as she walked across the studio, albeit tiny.

Jackie, fed up with the rumours, took the opportunity to address the article live on air, revealing that she is NOT pregnant, and that what people thought was a baby bump was just air being pocketed in the front due to the style of top she was wearing.

She even got up out of her chair to flatten her jumper down over her stomach and show Kyle. Sure enough, no bump.

Sorry to disappoint you guys!

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