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Bronson Questions MAFS Experts After Pairing Him With Ines

At the beginning of each season of Married At First Sight we see the experts get together and have a serious discussion about which cast members they are going to couple up.

We see them chatting with the contestants and performing a series of tests as they try to find a perfect match for every single one of them.

But for us sitting at home, we’ve probably all though at least once that the experts have got to be taking the piss. Last year this couple was Nasser and Gab. This time round, it’s poor Bronson and Ines.

As they coupled them up, our experts John Aiken, Trisha Stratford, Mel Schilling, thought that Bronson’s light-hearted nature and positivity would be a good match for strong-willed Ines and would help bring out her softer side.

But we’ve definitely yet to see that happen…

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Vannes meet Brendan... Brendan meet.... umm #mafs

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And following an uncomfortable wedding day, that saw Ines basically tear Bronson’s appearance and personality apart, and honeymoon that has been the complete opposite of romantic, Kyle and Jackie O wanted to find out exactly what Bronson thought about the match.

Speaking with Bronson on the show this morning, he tried to remain positive and not say anything bad about his TV wife, but he did question the experts decision in thinking they would be compatible.

“What did you make of her? I feel like it was really unfair that you got paired with her to be honest,” Jackie said.

“In a nice way to put it, I’m still finding out more about Ines,” Bronson replied. “But you know, it wasn’t my first choice and it definitely wasn’t my family’s first choice.”

During their wedding, Bronson’s family was visibly upset as Ines began belittling and making fun of his past life as a stripper.

“Oh I felt sorry for your dad he was lovely,” Jackie said.

Jackie then wanted to know that seeing as Bronson didn’t think him and Ines were a good match, who he would’ve preferred to be with. And this is when his light-hearted nature certainly came out shining as he ROASTED the experts!

“Who out of the contestants would you have thought would be a better match?” Jackie asked.

“I’m friends with all the boys in that show so I haven’t look at their Mrs’ in that way at all,” he began.

“But I think a one-eyed Mongolian pirate would be better suited.”

In other words, our elderly next-door neighbour could’ve found him a better match…We hear ya Bronson!

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As for whether they’re still together, Bronson was obviously scared of having the book (i.e his MAFS contract) thrown at him and said that they’re trying to make things work. But we’re definitely not buying that one.

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So nice to meet you Brendan #mafs

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“Obviously you guys aren’t still together I’m assuming?” Jackie laughed.

“Oh yeah, still together, still together, pushing through,” Bronson replied quickly.

“Oh you’re not, there’s no way!” Jackie exclaimed.

Well unless we see a brand new Ines come out in the next few weeks, we seriously can’t believe that these two would stay together.

But guess we’ll just have to watch and see! Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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