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MAFS’ Mick Describe’s Jess’ Family’s Wedding Behaviour

Jessika Power and Mick Gould have had a number of problems in their relationship since they began their “marriage” on this season of Married At First Sight but the one thing that really put the last nail in the coffin of their relationship was Mick’s comments about Jess’ family.

Well that and the fact that Jess has been flirting her way around the MAFS dinner party table

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😓 who’s to say what’s selfish...when it comes to love? #MAFS

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The fight that ensued during Mick’s home-stay last week at his friend Broxy's house saw Mick make a number of inappropriate comments about Jess’ family and their behaviour at the wedding, leaving Jess furious at her partner.

“He said that my father was a drunk and then proceeded to call my brother a f*ck head and then said my sister and best friend were c***s,” Jess had explained on the show.

“There was actually worse things he said to me in that fight that weren’t shown on camera because they were so derogatory,” Jess also told Kyle and Jackie O during an interview last week.

While the experts told Mick off during the commitment ceremony last night for speaking ill of Jess’ family, Mick today defended his words about Jess’ family on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Mick told us that he wanted the chance to explain what really happened and to tell his side of the story.

“You want to know the truth about that night at Broxy’s house don’t be shy to call me again,” Mick told us.

“We want to know the truth now, what is the truth?” Kyle asked.

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Put the man out of his misery... #MAFS

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Mick then detailed the behaviour that he witnessed from Jess’ family at their wedding that left him absolutely disgusted.

“So we’ve discussed what her family did at the wedding, and you know the brother raised fists to a girlfriend of mine…was all over my sister on the dance floor pretending to strip off,” Mick claimed.

“The father abused everyone after he got cut off the grog and my mother and uncle, who’s terminally ill, rung me up basically crying the next day saying how the father had been overly aggressive towards people, all women, at a table, slamming the table and carrying on like a pork chop and being physically intimidating.

“And the bridesmaids, bloody heaven forbid you get a laugh out of them,” he continued. “And it turns out one of them’s had so much plastic surgery that she can’t actually smile."

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Did someone mention the Alabama?? #MAFS

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Mick then said that he had explained to Jess that he didn’t like this type of behaviour over the course of their relationship and she had initially agreed with him. It wasn’t until they were at Mick’s friend’s house that night that she expressed that she was upset about it.

“The night at Broxy’s house, she agreed with it all and said, ‘Yeah my brother acts like an idiot when he’s around my father, the father is a drunk and wasn’t in my life for 20 years because he preferred drinking, and the bridesmaids think they’re better than everyone’,” Mick claimed.

“Let’s say, 45 minutes later she drinks a full bottle of red wine and all of a sudden the cameras were off her and she starts crying and carrying on. And I’m like, ‘Mate you just agreed with everything.”

Jess then came on the air and fired back at Mick to say that this was completely false.

“That’s some major allegations,” Jess said.

She claimed that her family were the ones disgusted at Mick’s behaviour at their wedding.

“They didn’t like Mick because the second that I met Mick he was all over me, slapping my ass, being very very hands on and my family didn’t like it,” she said.

“There’s always three sides to a story, his side, my side and the truth,” she continued. “I didn’t want to slander any body but Mick’s obviously into that because he’s obviously hurt from being cheated on on national television. I get that. I understand you’re hurt. But you don’t need to start throwing around allegations around about people’s family’s.”

Ouch! We don’t think these two are ever going to see eye to eye…

Hear Mick and Jess’ full interview in the video below!

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