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Rhyce Power MAFS Addresses Violent Allegations Against Him

Today Kyle And Jackie O were supposed to revive Naked Dating for a one off segment with Rhyce Power - the guy who went viral for being the hot brother on this season of married at first sight.

Since then, a number of reports and allegations emerged overnight that forced Rhyce to decide not to go through with it.

These allegations claimed that Rhyce had a history of violence against women and that he had a VRO (Violent Restraining Order) taken out against him.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on the phone this morning, Rhyce wished to clear the air after pulling out and shed some light on these allegations made against him.

“Rhyce has wanted to come on air so he can clear a few things up,” Jackie said.

“What’s going on? Because some reports say that you pushed a girl, grabbed her on the throat, threw objects at her when you were in a relationship and another girl has told a similar story that you were also violent towards her,” she added, reading from a list of the allegations.

Rhyce alleged that the information surfaced after a toxic relationship and had been exaggerated in the media.

“This has come out on the media and it’s obviously exaggerated quite a lot,” Rhyce explained.

“Me and my ex-girlfriend had a toxic relationship towards the end of it. Just had a lot of things that we probably shouldn’t have said.

“We kind of went our own ways and she wasn’t very happy about the breakup,” he added.

“I’ve been interviewed by the police about violence and that kind of stuff for about an hour. No charges were laid because there was no proof and that never happened. And then I was issued with a VRO. I didn’t expect it to be on my record because no charges were laid.”

According to Rhyce, this situation occurred six months ago. He also alleged that no violent behaviour ever occurred.

“Are you saying there was no violence but because the relationship was toxic, you’re saying that she made false claims?” asked Kyle.

“She’s made false claims,” Rhyce said. “I have no criminal history of violence. No charges were laid.”

“It’s not a good look. I’m so far against abuse against women and men,” he continued. “All I can do is accept what’s happened and try and move on from it and show the public that I’m not like that.”

Rhyce said that since these allegations have blown up in the media, he will now work with his lawyers to try and get the VRO removed from his record.

“From what I’m told, as no charges were laid, I can get it taken off my record but it’s going to have to be time I’ve got to take off work to go to court and that kind of stuff to get it removed,” he said.

“Now that all of this has happened yeah I do plan on getting it removed because it’s something false that’s gone on my record…No charges were laid so I didn’t expect that police could keep that on my record.”

If this story brings up any issues for you please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

To contact the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service call 1800RESPECT

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