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Lauren From MAFS Opens Up About What REALLY Happens

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Lauren, Andrew’s first bride during his controversial stint on ‘Married At First Sight’.

The ‘runaway bride’ opened up about what really goes on behind-the-scenes of the show.

‘Everyone at the reunion, we looked like we were half dead and they [the producers] were saying

'Wake up! You look like you’re at a bloody funeral!!'

‘So they do give you a hard time and I think, I never knew I’d be labelled the ‘single mother’, I never knew that I was going to have to have Dylan involved, kicking a ball. And then they wanted him to come to the wedding, and make, you know obviously, a speech for the wedding if he didn’t come - and I said no!

'So you know, they do manipulate you in a lot of ways.'

She then went on to talk about a few of the tricks they pull behind-the-scenes.

Jackie then recalled seeing Jono with what looked like a goblet of wine.

‘They put like glasses full of wine in front of you when you’ve already got a glass. They’ll swap half-filled glasses for a full glass.’

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