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MKR ’Seafood King’ Revealed He Was ‘Blackmailed’ By Producer

This morning Kyle and Jackie O were contacted by Josh, the ‘Seafood King’ from My Kitchen Rules.

He’s under fire right now over a promo for the show that came out where he seems to call a fellow contestant a ’sl*t’ as she’s serving him her food.

No-one could understand quite where that comment could have come from.

Josh called the show this morning to explain.

‘There was a particular interview where a producer so badly wanted me to discuss something I wasn’t comfortable to discuss to the point that we both exited a room, she followed us to the hotel, where the interview took place, took the lift with us and followed us to our hotel room, the entire way hounding, pleading with us, blackmailing us until she… and then she had the audacity to justify this behaviour as ‘doing her job’.

‘Wait, was it it she was wanting you to say?’ Jackie asked.

‘Well it’s about a certain comment that comes on tonight.’

‘Oh is this where you call the girl a ‘sl*t’? Is it that one?’ Kyle probed.

‘Yep, that’s the one’, Josh confirmed.

Josh then revealed that he and Amy, the receiver of the comment had spoken off screen and were friends and ‘still in contact’. Then, when Jackie tried to clarify if it was Amy the contestant or Amy his wife (two Amy’s - confusing!) he closed off completely.

It was like he decided not to answer any more questions - and the silence was BEYOND awkward.

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