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The Surprising Way Megan and Tiffany Fell In Love

They shocked Australia when they went public with their same-sex relationship after appearing on The Bachelor.

And Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon revealed exclusively to Kyle and Jackie O on Friday, the moment they realised they were in love with each other. 

“We had a really close friendship during the show – we had naked baths together on the show,” the couple, who have been named as Maxim’s ‘Couple Of The Year’, confessed.

“But it was really when we came to Bali [after the show] that we realised it was something more,” Tiffany explained.

“We were at one of the bars in Bali and we were playing the ‘Ice Game’ – you have a cube of ice in your mouth and you have to pass it on to someone with your mouth to their mouth - Megan passed it onto me and it ended up being a bit more of an extended kiss.”

“We did all sorts of things that night,” Megan added.

Listening to the Hottest 100 today... What else? Greetings from Canggu 🙌🏽 #shelikesredwine

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For Megan, the same-sex relationship wasn’t her first rodeo. 

“I have been with a women before, it’s not the first time,” she admitted. “I was a good little Christian girl but look at me now.”

However, being with a woman was new territory for Tiffany, with the reality TV star admitting: “It was my first relationship with a female.”

My biggest accomplishment in my arms on the first day of 2017.

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And despite the awkwardness expected between the girls and their former love interest, Bachelor Richie Strahan, Megan says there is no animosity between any of them. 

“I’ve spoken to him a few times - Richie and I always got along really well we were good friends on the show - I didn’t think it was awkward at all.”

Adding: “He said to me he thinks it’s great!”

We’re so happy for them!

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