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This Is The TRUTH About Those North Korean Hair Cut Rules

This morning we spoke to Alex Apollonov, one of a pair of guys who travelled to North Korea in the hopes of getting a ‘North Korean’ haircut.

It comes after reports flooded through about North Korea and how the people have only a handful of approved haircuts to choose from.

‘So, did you get a haircut?’ Kyle asked. ‘Yeah, we got one!’ Alex responded.

While explaining that they were actually able to get whatever hair cut they wanted.

The guys then asked Alex about the rumours surrounding the ‘approved haircuts’ and whether it was true that you were only able to go for a few different styles.

‘No I got whatever I wanted! They do tend to go for the short hair, it’s like a military thing.’

‘Did you see any guys with long hair though?’ Kyle asked.


‘Um no, we didn’t see any guys with long hair.’ ‘It was a lot more relaxed than it seems. Even though we went on a tourist VISA we were free to film like a journalist. We drank, we went to the water park, we got hair cuts, we danced, it was awesome.’

Kyle and Jackie O had their minds BLOWN by this.

And asked about the rumour that the people of North Korea don’t have access to the internet, or are only fed the news Kim Jung Un wants people to read.

‘Yeah, in North Korea, it’s a fairly poor country, most of the population doesn’t have access to it.’ Alex elaborated.

After finding out a few home truths, Kyle then came up with an idea Jackie wasn’t too keen on.

'I think we should take the show to North Korea’, Kyle suggested.

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