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10 Things That Make A Happy Home

Stace found this list on the Telegraph's website and was shocked by how similar some of the points are to her! Which one's do you agree with?

1.Introduce Natural Light

First thing you do when you wake up, Pull the blinds up! Introducing natural light can make a HUGE difference.

2. Get A Bose speaker

Stace is OBSESSED with her Bose speaker

I can leave the TV, the hair dryer, the irascible, ever-dysfunctioning printer, but the (bottom-of-the-range) speaker has delivered the soundtrack to our lives.

Classical in the bedroom, Beyonce in the shower, This speaker is great for everything!

3. Have vases

Fresh flowers changes the day! Having vases around will encourage you to get flowers, which are great for all occasions.

4. Tweezers

Stace doesn't really get this one..

5. The bougainvillea

What the hell does that mean? A Bougainvillea is a bright purple flower that comes out during the winter. Kristie's Aunty had one!

6. Art

Grab them while on holidays or even from K-mart or Ikea! They're cheap and make a massive difference.

7. Kitchen tongs

I mean.. come on

8. The photograph

Stace has photos of pretty much EVERYONE SHE KNOWS around her house, they're a must have.

9. The cookbook

That's a basic

10. A good breadboards

You can leave a good breadboard out all the time and just let it live in your life - Definitely makes a huge difference to your kitchen.

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