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6 Ways To Spot An Emotionally Unavailable Guy

Via Cosmopolitan

One of the interesting things while dating is being able to spot people who aren't really emotionally there. It's especially useful for single girls, and we found these tips to help.

1. They're always doing their own thing

A lot of chicks like the idea of a partner with their own life, but there's a point in every relationship in which you need to evolve and, and start seeing them more than once a week.

2. They avoid emotions

Emotionally unavailable aren't good with any of the touchy/feely stuff. A lot of guys like this will change the subject or just ignore certain questions.

3. They're always looking for faults

It's not always in you, but it could be in anything around them. Emotionally unavailable guys are closed up when it comes to positivity.

4. They're holding up a shield

Partners who fall under the defender category are trying to hide from their OWN issues. Rather than shutting off all together, they shut off when there's conflict around blame and criticism.

5. They're scared to show who they really are

Emotionally unavailable guys are insecure with themselves and might not necessarily be brave, so there's always a facade or a game being played around their personality.

6. They're rarely satisfied

If you feel yourself giving and giving and getting nothing in return, you may be dating a sponge, and a sponge ALWAYS needs more.

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