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A Listener Let Slip A Dirty Secret About The Chainsmokers

On the Thinkergirls Drive show, listener Carly called up with a very juicy story to tell. 

Last year, while The Chainsmokers were touring, she and her sister thought it might be funny to contact the guys via direct message on instagram.

Not expecting anything in return, the girls were shocked when they received a message back in their insta inbox from none other than Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall i.e the Chainsmokers

The girls were invited to come to the show and then backstage, where they “hung out all night”.

“So what happened when you met them?” Stacey asked.

“It’s top secret,” Carly said, although, it took her 2.5sec to spill the real goss. “Someone hooked up with someone.” 

“One of the Chainsmokers, Carly?” Stacey asked, while Kristie watched on in horror.

Possibly one of the Chainsmokers…,”Carly said in THAT tone... which TBH, translates to: “definitley one of the Chainsmokers.”

Stacey and Kristie were able to deduct from Carly's timeline that it was the EXACT same tour that the Chainsmokers had been on their night show.

OH...and during that time? The guys admitted they both had girlfriends.

But don't worry, you guys... "apparently it's cool".


And with this info, Kristie couldn't have said it any better - S.C.A.N.D.A.L!

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