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It’s Not Me It’s You - When Should You Break Up With A Mate?

It can be really tricky to break up with a friend but sometimes it is very necessary.

Kristie has actually been broken up WITH, via a letter sent to her in her teens. (ouch)

While Stacey had to walk away from a gal pal because it just wasn’t right for either of them to remain friends.

Considering The Thinkergirls have experienced this from both sides of the coin they've whipped up these tips on how to deal with this type of situation.

1) Before rushing into a decision to break up with a mate try to evaluate your friendship as best you can. Weigh up the benefits against the disadvantages of staying friends with this person.

2) Try to avoid looking back over your friendship with rose tinted glasses. Call a spade a spade. If it’s not working - OWN that - and then move forward. It’s not good for either of you to stay friends because things USED to be good.

3) Examine if you are being your True Self around this person. Do you have to change parts of you personality for them? If you do maybe you’ll be better off without them!


4) If you are questioning your friendship but you’re unsure whether you should call it quits or not ask yourself “Would I fight for this person?” while you’re going through a tough spot. If the answer is yes maybe you could work on the relationship before you break up altogether.

5) Try and repeat this to yourself over and over if the going gets tough. “It’s worth it in the end if they’re not good for you!”


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