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The 7 Different Types Of Boobs And The Best Bra For Them!

There are SO many different types of boobs out there.

Some are perky while others are soft and full, but no matter what shape and size your breasts are it's vital that you’re wearing the correct bra.

If you’re confused about what type of knockers you have worry not…

The Thinkergirls are here to help!

According to lingerie company ThirdLove there are seven types of boobs and all of these different shapes and sizes need different types of bras.

So let’s get right to it!


Round boobs are equally full at the top and the bottom, and these women don’t really need to stress about finding the perfect structured bra, as their breasts don’t need a helping hand to stay in place.


East West boobs mean your nipples point outwards and it doesn’t just stop at your nipples. If your boobs themselves point away from the centre of your chest you fall into this category too. Bra-wise T-shirt bras will be your friend as they’ll help smooth the twins over and maintain a good shape.


Side set boobs have a fuller shape than East West and these to categories often get mixed up. A plunge bra will make the most of your assets if you have Side Set boobs as it will draw them closer together.


Tear drop boobs do exactly what they say on the tin. They are less full on top and rounded at the bottom. If you have these breasts then lucky you! You’ve won the boob lottery because most bras suit this shape!


Slender boobs tend to be slimmer on the top and more long than they are wide. They’re also smaller when it comes to cup size. So don’t be afraid to bring out the big guns when choosing a bra next time, extra padding will help with size and giving you a good ‘ole lift!


Asymmetric boobs mean that one of your breasts is bigger than the other. A lot of women who have these types of boobs buy bras with removable padding so they can custom build each one to how they need it to be. Genius!


Bell Shape boobs often get mixed up with slender breasts but they tend to be larger. When bra shopping for these knockers try and always think support, support, support!

With all this talk of boobs and bras The Thinkergirls just had to take a peek at each others.

Check out the full video below!

Source: ThirdLove.com

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