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The Thinkergirls Are Fangirling HARD For Britney Spears


Oh Britney.

What a rollercoaster it has been.

It seems the superstar singer has finally managed to get her s**t together, just LOOK at her latest photo shoot...


Ok there was that cray time back in 2007 when #prayforbritney was on everyone’s mind.

But lets go back. Lets go waaaay back to a simpler time, when it was just Britney, amazing music videos and matching denim outfits.

Most people can remember exactly where they were the first time they saw this bad boy. How iconic did this single turn out to be?

*it should be noted at this point that Stacey June knows the entire dance to this video


Just as we were all recovering from One More Time, Brit drops Slave 4 U and people lost their minds.

There was too much to love here.

The sweat, the underwear on the OUTSIDE, and the snake in the live performance was everything.

And who can forget this gem.

Toxic may just be the ultimate Britney video to replay over and over again.

First of all the song never gets old and Britters is looking FINE throughout the whole thing, see-through diamond jumpsuit and all!

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