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This one thing is RUINING dance floors all around the world

The Thinkergirls have an issue with clubs that is ONLY getting worse.. Farting is messing up dance floors around the world and it has to stop.

Stace was dancing near the stairs of a club on the weekend and could smell someone DROPPING BOMBS from upstairs

When you're trying to get closer to someone trying to pick up...you don't want the person you're with to think YOU dropped the big one..

..that's why everyone starts going over the top to prove it wasn't them

It's a great thing that smoking is banned from clubs now, but back when there was a haze in the air of every dance floor.. Nobody noticed other smells! Everyone used to go home smelling like cigarettes, but Kristie thinks that now everyone is going home with the fart particles sticking to them.

Her advice? Do all of your farts outside!

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