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What Does Skipping The Pill Really Do?

Kristie realised that she had forgotten to take her pill for 3 DAYS, and took three at once to try balancing it out. We had Dr. Emma Bolton from Clinic 66 joined us to answer some questions about how this actually affects the body.

Dr. Emma says that Kristie's actually more prone to unplanned pregnancy at this stage and should take emergency contraception to avoid getting pregnant - "You should always take a morning after pill if you're more than 24 hours late with the pill because of the way they work."

The pill pretends to your ovaries that you've already ovulated, It relies on a consistent level of a certain hormone being in the body, and if you've missed it for 3 days, that hormone level has dropped down to the point that your body is going to ovulate and produce an egg, leaving you open to pregnancy.

Hear everything Dr. Emma said here:

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