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Why Do Some Women Hide Their Pregnancies At Work?

It should be a really special time in a woman's life.

Finding out you are pregnant is a moment most women will remember forever, and telling their loved ones is all part of the exciting process.

However when it comes to telling your boss it can be a completely different kettle of fish.

Some women end up hiding it for as long as physically possible but sooner or later they are forced to come clean.

The motivation behind women delaying telling their workplace they are pregnant seems to be one of fear, which is just so sad when you think about it.

It’s insane that in this day and age women are too afraid to tell management they are expecting a baby because they might lose out on a promotion or be replaced altogether.

The Thinkergirls threw this to their listeners to find out more about what happens when women feel the need to hide their pregnancies at work…


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