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The Bachelor In 60 Seconds: Brooke Reveals Her Big Secret


Welcome back to another juicy week of Bachie! We're getting closer and closer to the end with tonight marking our top ten girls. Let's recap! 

We enter the mansion the sun is shining, birds are chirping and everyone's smiling! What could possibly bring such paradise? Oh yeah! All three of the mean girls are GOOOOOONE! The house is free from their reign. 

Date time! Osh swings by to drop off a date card and it's for...Brittany! Oooh a second date! No one is all too thrilled for her, especially Cass who looks like her heart has been ripped from her chest because she hasn't even had ONE single date yet...and trust us it's not from lack of trying. 

Brit and the Honey Bachie head out on a boat...Again! Does Nick think she's really into boats or something because she wears a lot of white? She's not a sailor Honey Bachie...

Following a cruise around the harbour they head to cuddle some koalas at a wildlife park. He's acting a bit like an Aussie tour guide and with all of the snake holding and crocodile feeding it's like Honey Bachie goes from 0 - Steve Irwin in a matter of five seconds. 

Brit says Bachie has a nice snake...safe to say she landed a rose after that one!

Time for an explosive group date! It's like when girls start seeing a guy and they know very little about them and their friends are like: 


Except this really IS a case for the FBI. The girls will be doing a lie detector test. 

The first girl up is Jaime Lee. She walks into a room with Steve the human lie detector who worked for the FBI. She says her palms are sweaty (knees weak, arms are heavy). 

FBI agent Steve asks each girl questions and reads their body language. During her session Brooke hints that she has to tell the Honey Bachie something major relating to her past relationships. 

Now we know from the promos she tells Nick at the cocktail party so we'll have to wait patiently (with out popcorn in hand) to find out what it is. 

Steve the human lie detector says Cass is clearly infatuated with Nick...well duh! WE could've told you that and we didn't train with the FBI. 

Although Cass did tell Steve that she met Nick at a bar...we thought you told everyone it was the gym babe? Maybe we should quit out jobs and become a human lie detector too...

We then move on to do a compatability test with the girls and Nick but TBH it's pretty boring and nothing revolutionary is realised. 

So let's move on to the cocktail part because we know this is going to be juicy!

Finally Nick pulls Brooke away and she discloses the bombshell we were all promised and were wondering about for an entire week. 

"It is something big and it's something you should know" says Brooke nervously. 'Uh huh, keep going we think as we lean in closer and closer to the screen. 

Now we thought she was going to say she'd been married before or had some secret love child...But nope! Brooke basically just tells Nick she's pansexual and doesn't really fall in love based on gender but based on a person and their personality. 

TBH we're pretty mad with the show for playing it up to be something so major that rocks the mansion and makes Nick question his feelings for her, but Honey Bachie is actually great about it. You're a cool guy Nick!

Rose ceremony time! It's time to go...Deanna, one of the intruders!

Until next time Bachie fans!

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