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Win a 4-week course of HYPOXI® + $1,000!

HYPOXI®, up to 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise!

Stubborn fat is just the worst. No matter how hard you try, it refuses to move!

HYPOXI® is the low-impact exercise method that’s up to three times more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise, and it can significantly reduce cellulite!

For a chance to win a 4-week course of HYPOXI® plus $1,000, just answer this easy question in 25 words or less: ‘Why you would like to try HYPOXI®?’

HYPOXI®, design your body.

Here’s more info about the Hypoxi Prize.
The winner will get 3 combination sessions per week. Each session is 50 minutes in total. Pre-treatment is 20 minutes, and the HYPOXI® machine workout is 30 minutes.
Each session entails 20 minutes on the HDC bed (pre-treatment) which involves lying down in a suit with a cupping and vacuum compression technique designed to enhance circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. The HYPOXI® machine workout includes gentle cycling on either the S120 machine or L250 machine for 30 minutes, also using vacuum compression technology.


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