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Jodie and Soda’s $10K Secret Sound



It was "Sandpaper on a Cricket Ball"

The sound ALL of Adelaide was trying to guess…




Jodie and Soda have another $10,000 to giveaway but this time their in control!

Play to win every hour across the day starting from 7AM.

Auto Masters, we fix strange noises



Two Hands











Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box.

Pulling the tab on a postage satchel to open it.

Removing velcro band on your arm when you're having your blood pressure taken.

The easy slide on a glad wrap box.

Blowing out a birthday candle.

A lint roller going up a piece of clothing.

Letting air out of a balloon.

Grating a carrot on a hand grater.

Ripping velcro.

Sucking the grannies out of a soft drink.

Pulling a zipper up and down on a piece of clothing.

Sucking the last bit of drink with a straw.

Running fingernail along the tooth of a comb.

Pulling a piece of strapping tape off a roll (like footballers use).

Taking a post it note off the pad.

Pulling a wax strip off.

Zipping up a plastic zip lock bag.

Taking off velcro tab on baby's nappy.

Velcro on a shoe.

Needle scratch on a record.

Pulling a tissue from a tissue box.

Ripping open velcro wallet.

Removing a straw from a takeaway cup.

Letting some air out from a balloon.

Plastic card to swipe open.

Turning off an oxy torch.

Hand pump pumping up a ball.

Ripping a banana away from a bunch of bananas.

Balloon going down.

Guillotine cutting paper.

Electric door shutting behind you.

Soda ripping his pants.

Baking paper ripping from its box.

Turning the timer on Xmas lights.

Ripping open a packet of soup.

Ripping a band aid off skin.

Soda getting waxed.

Doing up a clothes zip.

Taking a piece of paper off a packing box.

Ripping off a piece of duck tape from a bench or table.


Opening a box of cling film.

Removing a wet wipe from a packet.

Tearing the old sheet off a lint roller.

Using pencil on paper.

Spraying a spray can.

Checking car tyres with a pressure gauge.

Pencil drawing on a paper.

Soda sitting on a whoopee cushion.

Fridge door opening.

Ripping a paper sticker name tag off clothing.

Taking packing tape off a cardboard box.

Removing a hair removal strip.

Wine going through an aerator.

Pulling something out of a silver 'wet pouch'.

Pulling a plastic bag out of bin liner.

Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box.

Opening a tin of pringles.

Wind going past the microphone of a GoPro.

Scraping your shoe on the ground.

Slicing potato on a V slicer.

Pulling the top off a yoghurt container.

A 'size sticker' being ripped off new clothes.

Pulling up a blade of a Stanley knife.

Ripping a piece of paper in half.

Opening a bottle of soft drink.

Sucking the last bit of liquid out of a cup.

Sticky tape being ripped off material.

Pulling the big Jodie and Soda sticker off the tram.

Tearing off a piece of rocktape.

Pulling up a zipper on a pair of jeans.

The 'fuzz' when losing TV signal.

A miss tuned radio.

Removing strapping tape from skin.

Taking food out of a frypan - bacon and eggs.

Ripping duct tape off clothing.

Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box.

Pushing the button on a small pump spray.

Pushing the button to get the whipped cream out of the can.

Pealing a ball off the Velcro pad.

Ripping open a paper postage parcel.

Sound of a 2-way radio.

Using a sticky tape dispenser and pulling the tape across a cardboard box.

Grip ball.

Spraying shaving cream in to your hand.

The zip on a suit bag.

The Velcro ball game - ball peeling off the pad.

Soda sliding down a fireman pole.

Tearing the plastic strip off the adhesive part of the envelope.

Opening a bin liner.

Peeling the plastic off a rolled up newspaper.

Tearing open a Band-Aid before using.

Using a woodplane.

Pulling off the Velcro strap over the laces of a footy boot.

Ripping 2 tickets along the perforated line.

Undoing Velcro on knee pads that tradies wear.

Retracting a tape measure.

Putting as shovel in the ground.

Striking a match on a match box.

Pulling out a tape measure.

A tradie pulling masking tape from a roll.

Using a kaller gun.

Ripping the Velcro off a pair of safety gloves.

Tearing duck tape from a roll.

Plastering a wall.

Unrolling joint tape.

Shovelling grave.

Tradie using a welder.

Ripping masking tape off a wall.

A sticky receivers invoice being ripped off a pallet.

Unwrapping the plastic on a home delivered newspaper.

Turning the page of a newspaper you're reading in the yard.

Tearing sandpaper.

A retractable hose.

Ripping off newspaper from glass.

Pulling off a wax strip.

Changing a sand paper pad on a sanding machine.

Taking off plastic tape from delivered newspapers. 

Steam coming out of a steam wand from a coffee machine.

Scraping concrete off a steel slope onto brick.

Pulling Velcro apart.

Peeling a label off a pallet.

Pulling a sticker off its white backing.

Scraping product off a hawk and trowel.

Ripping off the paper cover of a straw.

Tearing or ripping the classified 'trades and services' section of the newspaper.

A cement mixer mixing.

Opening a carton of iced coffee.

Welding metal together.

Reloading a cork gun.

Removing a sticky tile from the floor.

Spraying insect repellent.

Automatic spraying of insects from a citronella container.

Pumping sunscreen from a pump pack.

The handle being pumped on a pressure pump you use to spray insects.

Putting on a pair of rubber gloves.

Squirting shaving cream out a can.

Spraying an AFL sign on a football field.

Using a concrete's screed.

Using a hand held razor through a 3 day growth.

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