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In a city the size of Adelaide, you’ll hear an overwhelming array of noises!
But peel back the layers…. And you’ll find ONE NOISE…….
The noise that’s worth $25 Thousand Dollars!

Jodie and Soda’s $25,000 What’s That Noise is here...

But be warned, there’s twists involved!

You could be playing for an even bigger life changing amount of cash at any time!

We’re taking your winning guess (fingers crossed!) at 7am, 9am, 11am and 1pm weekdays!

The Sound ALL of Adelaide is trying to guess!

Jodie and Soda’s What’s That Noise?

The noise was recorded indoors at 6:29pm on the 1st of March  


“Putting ice into a glass.” 

“Picking up a microphone.” 

“Opening a can of tuna.”

"Shaking a can of spray paint with a ball bearing in it."

"Someone unlocking a padlock with a chain."

"Set of keys opening a car door." 

“We can rule out ice!”

“Scrunching up a piece of paper…”   

”Taking nuts off a car tyre with an electric gun.” 

“Buckling an old style metal seat belt.” 

"Dropping metal in plastic container and shaking it."

"Putting money in the parking meter and pulling the ticket out and the money falls through."

"Wriggling the dice in the cup to roll them out on the table."

“Safety lock with the chain on the door and you pulling it in and out…” 

”From I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here unlocking the chain on that giant chest they have…” 

“Wooden Garden gate with a little lift up latch and you lift it up and it rattles…”  

"Lolly dispenser in shopping centre, specifically a bubble gum machine."

"Old manual bank card machine, put the card in and the sheet of paper and run it across and back."

"Jodie dropping car keys into a fishbowl as she walks into a party."   

"tipping biros (pens) in to a desk tidy cup."

“The Big Wheel at the Adelaide Casino.”  

”When the balls drop from the BINGO or X-Lotto cage.”  

“Stereo stacker of CD’s and it’s when you change the CD’s.”  

"A gumball machine."

"Struggling to open a gate and dropping phone on the ground." 

"Coins pouring into a cup." 

“Metal handle when you open a tall boy draws…brass handles with the metal plate” “Money going through a pay phone slot..”

 “Tupperware learning cube putting shapes into it.” 

“Self-serve check out the change that falls into the cup.” 

"Somebody pulling a lawn mower." 

'Putting coins in a plastic piggy bank'

'A sliding chain lock on a front door'

'The chain on a bike changing gears'

'Someone typing around on a computer keyboard'

'It’s the boom gate at the Central Markets'

'Someone using a vending machine, and its the change dropped in the coin slot'

'Replacing a coffee pod in a Nespresso coffee machine'

'Lock on door with chain that you slide'

'Unscrewing a metal twist top glass bottle Schweppes'

'Turning on the ignition of a car'

'Someone sucking up the last of a drink through a straw'

'Flicking open a metal lock on a chest'

'The sound a self service checkout at the supermarket makes when it gives you change'

"Crushing an empty plastic bottle.”

“Peeling back the safety film on a plastic bottle of tablets.”

“Someone crushing a disposable plastic cup.”

"Display cases with toys - putting coin in the slot, turning the handle then back again and the toy hitting the door."

“Crushing an empty plastic bottle

“Peeling back the safety film on a plastic bottle of tablets

“Someone crushing a disposable plastic cup

"Display cases with toys - putting coin in the slot, turning the handle then back again and the toy hitting the door"

'A bunch of dice in a yahtzee cup'

'Putting keys in car ignition, turning them, it's the 'click' noise before the dashboard lights up'

'Pressing the button unlocking the car'

“Foosball table turning the knob and kicking a the ball” 

“In the Kerplunk Game you take out the final tooth pick and the marbles fall out” 

“I think it’s the money going into a jukebox and the record falling down” 

“I think it’s getting the last few Tic Tacs out of a packet” 

“The plastic clapping hands you get in showbags called ‘Clappers’”

"A money box that you put the money in, and it counts it as it drops and tells you how much it is." 

'The peg at the bottom of the gate dragging then going into the hole.'

'Putting keys in car ignition, turning them, it's the 'click' noise before the dashboard lights up.'

'Pressing the button unlocking the ca.r'

'In horse racing - when the horses are in the gate (barrier), it's the noise when the gate opens'

“Bolt action rifle ejecting a cartridge.”

“Keying in your pin number in the EFTPOS machine…” 

“A slide clip dispenser putting paper together…”

"A mortice lock turning on a big safe, and then as you fetch the key out, the key guard rattling back in to place."

30k Kellie from Parafield Gardens “Open put new staplers in a stapler and close it down…” 

35k Darren from Salisbury North “Unlocking a briefcase with a key lock.” 

35k Oxiana from Athelstone “When pulling a chain on the weight inside a clock.”

"The noise that the dishwasher makes when it turns and rattles with cutlery and everything inside." 

"Cutting open a soft drink can with a knife."

"Crushing a can in a can crusher."

'Returning a handset in to the cradle of a phone.'

'Dropping a phone straight on to a desk at work.'

“A page from the monthly calendar being ripped off and scrunched up…” 

“Curtains with rings up the top pulling curtain across and there rattling together…” 

“Rolling ball clock as the balls rack up and drop down…”

"When you pull a shirt off a coat hanger and it has that swinging sound at the end."

 'A time clock in the workplace where you clock on and clock off.'

'Winding up and old-style alarm clock. 

'Pulling the clock weight by their chains on an old grandfather clock. 

'A rubik's cube.' 

'Cutting a lemon or lime and squeezing into a cold glass with ice and stirring it.' 

'Pulling a vertical blind chain to remove the flap of the blinds then they clang together.' 

'Cuckoo clock with it being wound up before the cuckoo comes out.' 

'A metal spinning top toy.' 

'A pair of metal tongs - close them and shake the clasp.' 

'Salt n pepper shaker with grinder, a couple of twists then shaken to dislodge the contents.'

'Rinse off food into the sink and the incinerator chops up the food waste.'  


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