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Jodie and Soda’s $60,000 Secret Sound


Jodie and Soda’s $60,000 Secret Sound – bigger than ever before….and this time there is a twist, expect the unexpected.


We have 3sounds, the first worth $10,000, the second $25,000 and then one last sound again worth another huge $25,000…All to be won over the coming weeks. All you have to do is simply identify the sound and win the cash.


To get you warmed up and excited, our first Secret Sound will be a Secret Sound Speed Round where we are guaranteeing that before the end of the breakfast show on Monday the 21stof January, someone in Adelaide will identify the sound and win the starting $10,000 jackpot. $10,000 cash warm up!


Make sure you are listening to Jodie & Soda and across your FeelGood workday for your chance to win. We will be playing at any time from 6am and doing everything we can to help you win the cash. From taking two, three or four continuous guesses to giving you multiple guesses or throwing out clues randomly - you name it we will do it!

Jodie and Soda’s $60,000 Secret Sound has begun

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