Jodie and Soda’s Secret Sound …

You could be playing for a massive $10,000

We’re taking your winning guess (fingers crossed) every morning with Jodie and Soda
with guest co-host Erin Phillips.

These are the clues to the Secret Sound so far:

  1. For most people, it’s part of their everyday
  2. Can be found outside of Australia
  3. There’s a good chance you would have walked past it in the past month, at least
  4. Can come in various shapes and sizes
  5. You most likely take it for granted
  6. They are more common than you think
  7. To buy, you wouldn’t call them expensive or cheap
  8. If this item failed, you would really feel the impact
  9. You would have one at work… and quite possibly your home
  10. It’s something you can carry by yourself
  11. You would use them here at Mix102.3
  12. You would find many of them at Westfields across Adelaide
  13. They can be used all year and in any season
  14. Anyone can buy them
  15. It has absolutely nothing to do with a paper guillotine
  16. They are not a set and forget item…but almost.
  17. They can be used by both professionals and normal people like you and I.
  18. Mostly, they are plain coloured.., not brightly coloured.
  19. Generally, they have a plastic or metal frame surrounding them
  20. The actual item is doing something in the Secret Sound.
  21. A Simon and Garfunkel song will give you a hint.
  22. A certain hairdressing product you put in your hair will give you a clue.


And these are the incorrect guesses for the Secret Sound so far:

Flicking through a stack of photocopy paper

Someone flicking through a phone book really fast
Putting a book down
Pulling out a tray on a photocopy machine and pushing it back in.
Putting key into ignition and other keys on the chain rattling.
Putting a kettle back on its base

When the ball drops on an 8ball pool table.
Using a dyno label machine, pressing the button to cut the label.
Cutting through a lettuce
File binder (binding machine) creating holes in paper
Closing an empty wooden bed side table draw.
Garden hose reel retracting.

Shutting a filing cabinet drawer.
The cord retracting into vacuum
Pulling a tissue out of a half empty tissue box
Losing wooden flap on venetian blind

Crunching on some cereal
Pulling a Guillotine down and slicing paper
Pushing slide button down to put toast in
A fly screen door shutting
Closing a wooden bread box

Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
Pulling the handle down on a paper guillotine and cutting the paper to size
Screwing something up through a pocket knife
A horse grunting
Toast popping up out of the toaster
Putting a key into lock and turning

Pressing the button on car remote control – sound of car door unlocking
Pulling a hand towel out of a dispenser in public toilet
Turning on a light switch mounted on the wall.
Pulling on draw cord on a blind to open it ling down a fabric hand towel in a hotel/ restaurant bathroom
Opening and closing latch on aircraft toilet.

When you post a letter and you close the box
Putting a car key into the ignition
Opening and closing a letter box out the front of a house
Walking in the snow
Opening a paper lantern
Soft drink dropping in vending machine

Rice cooker finishing cooking
Spreading vegemite on piece of toast
Deflating a balloon
Using a blender at Boost Juice
Dragging a wheely bin (rubbish bin)
Pulling tissue of tissue box

Pushing down lever on toaster
The flap of a bin lid closing
The old school plastic hair brush, brushing someone’s hair.
Unlocking car sound of lock engaging
Putting card into an ATM
Opening / closing outside library shoot returning items

Loading paper into a printer
A Truck driving over a speed bump
Opening a paper fan
Switching on a Kettle
Toaster popping
Hanging up a pay phone

The rubbing noise on a blown up balloon
Closing of a home letter box
Seatbelt retracting
Pressing a traffic light to cross- sound just before it goes to walk green.
Folding up a plastic step
Reaching into a dog food bag

Pulling a handbrake on in the car
Running fingers across the row on a keyboard on computer
A blind shutting
Lifting the lever on a coffee pod machine and the pod falling through
Pushing down on an already inked stamp
Opening an umbrella pushing the top of it up when it goes over the bump and clicks in

Bringing the lever on a guillotine down and cutting paper
Flick the switch on kettle to turn it on
Pulling a paper towel out a dispenser
Pushing a button and the suitcase opening
A guillotine cutting paper
Putting on a seatbelt and sometimes it locked when you pull it out

Paper tray on a printer being closed
Someone operating a vending machine and cans dropping to the bottom
Shaking aerosol and the ball inside moving
Somebody tearing off sheet of glad wrap
Paper guillotine cutting

Opening an umbrella
Money coming out of atm shoot
Using a stapler on paper
Coffee machine – when you finish with the pod
Switching from loud speaker to normal phone money on a house

Operating a lever on a wall mounted sanitiser- pump of soap.
Machine that taking ticket at a parking lot
Opening the lid of an espresso machine where the pod sits
Shutting the paper tray on the side of a printer
Bunch together a paper bag and blow it up til it gets full

Opening of a sunglasses case
Public toilet locking mechanism to make it engaged
A brief case opening
Putting on a pair of headphones sound it makes putting onto your ears
Retractable ball point pen
Blowing a party blower

Opening an umbrella
Dropping down blind and flap coming together
The sound of a defib being using, putting the round tabs on a person.
Opening a bamboo wooden handheld fan
Pushing open a bin lid
Ripping a page off a spine calendar

Pulling a post it note off a pad
Opening a hatch of an espresso machine
Using a holepunch
After filling a water container on espresso machine and setting it into the machine
Putting a coffee pod into machine
Adjusting an aerial on back on Modem

Pulling out a paper towel from public toilet
Putting cartridge into an automatic air freshener
Locking the group handle on a professional coffee machine
Automatic air freshener and spray coming out
Sound of a metal screen door closing
Adjusting a pair of headphones to get the size right

Pulling a paper cup out of a water cooler/ fountain
Plugging in a USB
Putting a cannister back in coffee pod machine
Opening a envelope with envelope opener
Pulling out heading from the jack from a phone
Stacking plastic chairs

Changing the toilet roll dispenser on the wall
Putting a coffee pod into a coffee pod machine
A battery going into the back of a clock
Pulling a paper towel out of a disposable towel dispenser
An air sanitiser spraying

Moving a toilet roll in a public toilet to get a new toilet roll to drop down.
Putting paper into hole punch and pushing down
Pushing the door on a microwave oven open
Clicking on the lid of a coffee thermos
Someone unlocking a brief case
A digital picture frame changing picture

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