It’s the world’s number one radio contest, and it’s back on Adelaide’s Mix 102.3!
Jodie & Soda’s Secret Sound!

Simply guess the sound, and you could be walking away with a life changing $10,000!
And the more you listen, the more chances you have to play and score the cash.

Listen to Jodie & Soda each weekday morning
then throughout the day for your chance to win!

Want to know what has been guessed so far? Here’s the list:

Ripping grease-proof paper off the metal rim on the roll
Ripping apart two bits of velcro
Ripping open an envelope
Sitting on a bag of chips
A shovel scooping up dirt
Shuffling a deck of cards
Opening the wrapper on a Chupa Chup
Putting a teaspoon of coffee into a foam coffee cup
Tearing a perforated strip off cardboard box
Pulling the cellophane off a box of chocolates
Pulling the zipper on a puffer jacket
Crinkling up a small packet of chips
An automatic hand sanitiser dispensing
Ripping apart 2 pieces of velcro
Sending a text on an iPhone
Rattling a packet of Fruchocs
Twisting a rock salt grinder
Opening the packaging on a band aid
Twisting rolled up bubble wrap
Emptying the trash on an Apple Mac computer
Ripping apart velcro
Rubbing the end of a microphone
Sitting on a whoopee cushion
Grinding a pepper mill
Pulling the aluminium wrapper off a Le Snack pack
The packet opening on a Menz Violet Crumble
Opening a packet of Menz Honeycomb
A two pack card Shuffle
Ripping open the cardboard seal on a tissue box
Ripping packing tape off a box
Ripping off a new sheet on a lint roll
Pulling up a Venetian blind
Taking off a rubber glove
Ripping the ball off a hand ball grip game
Undoing the velcro on a shoe
Ripping off the tab on a disposable nappy
Biting into a potato chip (chicken flavour) sandwich
Flicking a deck of cards between two hands to shuffle
An office phone being hung up
Peeling off plastic film on a new appliances
Taping up a box with a packing tape
Drinking icey from a straw
Taking the wrapper off cheese and biscuits
Heating milk in a coffee machine
Pulling the husk off a corn cob
Scraping the burnt bits off toast
Ripping off a straw from a fruit box
Eating a crisp apple
Pulling the last bit of toilet paper off the roll
Cutting into a fresh loaf of bread
Ripping material when sewing
Cutting up cabbage
Buttering toast
Ripping paper out of a book
Pulling tape from a tape dispenser
Someone swishing around liquid in their mouth
Removing a blood pressure cuff from arm
Ripping glad wrap from the box
Ripping the lid off of a packet of 2 Minute Noodles
Tearing apart lettuce leaves with hands
Unwrapping a cheese slice
Tearing a piece of paper off the clipboard
Popping bubbles in kids’ slime
Ripping the tennis ball off the velcro toss and catch game
Shovelling gravel
Putting chicken into an oven bag
Pulling the last bit of toilet paper from the roll
Putting a cork screw into cork
$10,000 cash being flicked through fingers
Ripping lid off yoghurt
Crushing egg shells
Slicing through cardboard with a knife
Using a cutter on a label maker
Pulling a wax strip off leg
Tying a balloon after it’s been blown up
Putting the needle on a record
Twisting celery
Breaking uncooked pasta
Breaking a chocolate filled cookie in half
Biting in to an apple
Pulling the jagged cardboard tab on a new roll of cling wrap alfoil
Grabbing a handful of movie popcorn
Opening a banana
Playing pick-up-sticks
Using a whipped cream dispenser
Pulling a zip cable tie
Crisp packet being crushed
Ripping the receipt from an EFTPOS machine
Breaking the seal on a new jar of Vegemite
The receipt coming out of a hand credit card machine
Peeling a carrot with a peeler
Flicking through a bundle on money
Shuffling a deck of cards with thumbs
Cracking a walnut
Pulling velcro apart
Blood pressure strap velcro
Stepping on ice
Vegetable in a food processor
Scrunching a paper bag
Ripping the middle core out of a lettuce
Ripping a piece of paper off a writing pad
The dice flying around in a game of Boggle
Ripping velcro apart
Thumbing the edge of the Yellow Pages
The arm of an office chair being lifted up
An automatic air freshener going off
A cat scratching in the litter tray
Emptying the recycle bin on a computer with a Windows XP system
Taking a face mask out of its packet
Biting in to an apple
Opening a lid with the perforation cracking
Opening or shutting blinds
Zipping up a jacket

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