MIX102.3’s Cash Man is on the loose!

It could be someone you know. It could be someone you work with or even sit next to on the tram! In fact, it could be anyone… so ask everyone, ‘Are you the Mix102.3 Cash Man?’

If you want to find the Mix 102.3 Cash Man, listen for clues with Jodie and Soda at 7:40am, then across your Feel Good Workday with Michelle Murphy.

But you better be quick because the Cash Man will always be on the move.

HAS HE BEEN NEAR YOU? See every location (and the clues) so far here!


You can check the last known location of the Cash Man below. He’ll make his current location known when he feels like it so keep an eye on it regularly. It will refresh every minute. If it’s not changing location, he’s either standing still or has it turned off.

Mix 102.3 Adelaide