Over 1000 corgis have banded together over the weekend for San Francisco’s fifth ‘Corgi Con’. 

The ‘pawfect’ event saw corgis of all shapes and sizes in attendance, who all shared two distinctive features – short legs and fluffy bottoms.

From obstacle courts to corgi races, the four legged attendees (and their two legged companions) were quite the sight, sporting cowboy outfits and Elton John sunglasses. 


These weren’t just local doggos either! Some visitors flew from as far as Hong Kong and Japan for the event. An invitation was even extended to renowned corgi fanatic Queen Elizabeth II who unfortunately declined. 

While the event was a spectacle in itself, Corgi Con also helped raise vital funds for two rescue organisations – Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue and CorgiAid.

Want to attend the next event? Luckily, there’s another con coming up in October, giving you ample opportunity to plan. Oh, and the perfect excuse to travel!