Jodie And Soda’s $100,000 Minute is in full swing on Mix102.3 with listeners having the opportunity to win $1,000 (or at times $10,000) by answering 10 quiz questions in one minute.

On Thursday morning, Marie was going so well. She didn’t realise it but she was on 9/9 as Jodie came to the last question…

“Who is the new leader of the opposition?” Jodie asked.

“We haven’t got one yet,” Marie replied.

“We do,” says Jodie.


“We don’t have one,” button-pusher Bleebs contended.



if you like awkward moments, watch it all play out in the video above. 

Marie knew that the only contender so far for the Labor leadership is Anthony ‘Albo’ Albanese but the party had not had a vote or formalised him as their leader.

Mix102.3 newsreader Maria Gaban came in to confirm the news that Marie was in fact right – we don’t officially have a leader of the opposition yet.

CUE THE CELEBRATIONS… Marie won $1,000!

Congratulations Marie!


the $100K Minute continues with Jodie and Soda in breakfast, as well as across the day with michelle murphy.

We’ll try to make sure there’s no dodgy questions from now on!

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