Taking to Instagram, The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield has stripped down to prove a point.

The 24-year-old Bachelor runner-up bared all in a protest to shed light on the double standard between men & women when it comes to the perception of nudity & sexuality.

Abbie posed completely nude with some grapes and eucalyptus leaves to cover her intimates. Remind you of anything?

She captioned the image with an empowering message, “I’m nervous AF about posting this due to the possible backlash, but nothing will change if we all just shut up right?”

“Last week on The Bachelorette, fan fav Ciarran stripped down to nothing as part of a group date. In the same week, he admitted he used to dance in bars and has had a nose job. This caused Australia (including me) to fall even further in love with him, admiring his confidence, sense of humour and cheeky behaviour. The fact that he was so open about usually taboo topics was AMAZING” she continued.


Abbie too, thought it was “an awesome and iconic moment in Australian TV.”

“While I LOVE that the majority of the public got behind Ciarran, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if the gender roles had been reversed. What if I had been on a group date, offered to strip down to nothing and posed nude on National TV? What if in the same week I had shared that I had had plastic surgery and had danced in night clubs?!I can imagine the nation would riot. I’m sure I’d be accused of being cocky, not confident, attention seeking, not funny, ‘slutty’ (not that that means anything), not cheeky and ‘fake’, not just comfortable enough to admit to having surgery.”

She continued, “When I wore a short skirt [on The Bachelor], I got messages saying that I was unworthy and unlovable for showing some skin. In contrast, Ciarran’s nudity made him a clear contender for Angie’s heart, his confidence being a quality that many women look for in a partner. I can only IMAGINE the public outcry if I had done the same as Ciarran, and had uploaded a photo of me with nothing but grapes covering me. So let’s not imagine. Here’s me doing a Ciarran. Let’s see how this goes hey!”


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