Following the Wednesday night Adelaide stop on the Queen + Adam Lambert The Rhapsody Tour, Adam had a chat with Erin and Soda about filling in Freddie Mercury’s shoes and who in the band can still hold his own when it comes to partying.

“I think in the beginning it was a bit of a negotiation…where do I take liberties? Where do I stick to the script?”, Lambert says of figuring out how to approach Mercury’s distinctive vocals.

“When I first started I thought: ‘Okay, what was the intention of the song? What was the story being told? What was the emotion being conveyed and what is the audience meant to feel here?'”

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Lambert also told Erin and Soda that when he joined Queen, he had to stop listening to recordings of their music, out of fear of imitating Freddie’s performance.

With such an age gap between Lambert and the rest of the band, Erin and Soda were also keen to find out who can still keep up at the after-party.


“I got to say, Roger can still party with the best of them, I think Brian might be a little more reserved”.

You can take a listen to the entire chat with Erin and Soda here: