Jodie & Soda catch up with 31-year-old Prospect muso Mark Curtis who bears a striking resemblance to the Foo Fighters frontman.

The Foo Fighters recently performed at Adelaide’s Hindmarsh Stadium and Mark reveals his friend decided to help him to fool Dave Grohl fans…

“People think I look like Dave Grohl and I said wouldn’t it be funny if we hired a limo and drove around the gig next time they’re in town and my friends said we’re paying for it and we’re doing it!”

Mark told Jodie & Soda they did fool quite a few fans.

“What I did I was winding down the window a little bit and if people came too close I would wind the window back up just so they wouldn’t have long enough to realise”

Mark Curtis And The Flannelettes will next be seen playing at the Adelaide Espresso Martini Festival in Rymill Park on February 2.