If you have been following the story of Cooper, the twelve-year-old Adelaide boy who was faced with a life-changing decision, you might have been wondering how he’s doing today.

Cooper was born without a fibula in his left leg, a condition which has led to various complications and pain, especially over the last few years.

Following unsuccessful leg-lengthening surgery, Cooper was faced with a massive decision, either embark on more painful surgery with no guarantee of success or choose to have the leg amputated.

Weighing up both sides, Cooper chose to have the leg amputated in hope of a brighter future.

He went in for surgery at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital yesterday at around lunchtime, returning to recovery by around 7pm last night.

Listen to Jodie and Soda’s update on Cooper here:

“I’m very, very happy, Friends of the Show to tell you that at around about 7pm last night he came out of recovery and everything went really, really well,” Soda relayed this morning.


“Matt (Cooper’s father) was saying last night that Coop, very good spirits he was in. A little groggy, of course, very serious operation.

“But they’ve set up a really nice play space at the hospital there now and today is the first day of the rest of his life where he can start to look forward and get his around getting back on to that basketball court.”

Friends of the Show offer their words of hope for Cooper

Friends of the Show have joined the chorus of well-wishes for Cooper, too.

Patrick’s son Chris lost his leg after an accident six years ago, he told Cooper that it’s only going to get better from here.

“It’s daunting to start with, but once you get over it, it’s upward from there. And we had a similar incident with our son, he’s ten-foot tall and bulletproof now,” Patrick told Jodie and Soda.


“Positive attitude is the best thing you can do, yeah stay positive. And I think Coop’s got the right attitude.”

Meanwhile, Troy told us about how moved he was by Cooper’s attitude.

“Everyone’s going through everything with COVID and everything else, but his courage, strength, everything would fill a million stadiums and I just ‘Wow’. I think I went wow, wow, wow!”

“Keep going, know that the entire Adelaide public are behind you.”

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