One of Australia’s best guitarists, Phil Emmanuel, has died.

He was 65.

Phil, who graced the stage many times with his brother Tommy, had been staying with his brother Darcy when it’s understood he had a sudden asthma attack.

“On behalf of the family, it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our much-loved brother, Philip Ernest Emmanuel,” Darcy said.

“We are all devastated,” Darcy said.

“This comes on top of the loss of our sister Virginia Grace on April 14, aged 69.

“Philip and Virginia were virtually joined at the hip and I don’t think either one would have been able to live without the other.”


Darcy said Phil didn’t chase the limelight, rather the limelight chased him.

 “I had a plaque made for him once, it read ‘the greatest lead guitarist the world has never seen’.

Darcy thanked friends John Mason and Maureen Farr who were with him when Phil collapsed.

“I am so glad that I was not alone at the time,” Darcy said.

“John helped perform CPR while Maureen waited at the gate for the ambulance.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the paramedics who went over and above and did such an amazing job.”


Phil is survived by his wife Amanda and his children Jessie Maree, Jamie Lee, Georgia Dee and Marshall Travis.