A romantic stroll along the beach lead to a moment we’ll NEVER FORGET

If you missed it last week, Elora was rejected a whopping four times in one episode of the Bachelor In Paradise. It was brutal stuff, but luckily for her, a knight in shining armour was just beyond the horizon.

And that brave knight was none other than our very own Woody Whitelaw. The drive time radio host has been nicknamed ‘Sahara’ in recent times, due to a prolonged and extensive drought since parting ways with his long term partner last year.

A few months ago he had his first date since being back in the game, which couldn’t have ended worse for the old boy.
But with the common ground of being rejected multiple times, Woody had the idea to reach out to Bachelor In Paradise’s Elora to see if she wanted to “get back on the horse together”.

This lead to a scintillating phone call that Australian’s listened to live on their radios. Despite significant awkwardness from Woody, Elora agreed to a date.


It was a huge success! However, Woody was about as nervous as a pre-pubescent schoolboy for his date with the Tahitian beauty. So what does a nervous schoolboy do when he has a crush on someone? He asks his best mate to call her and see if she likes him! This lead to the next enthralling phone call a day before their date, as Will called Elora and asked her questions that Woody was madly scrawling across a whiteboard.

It was a worthwhile endeavour, and in the words of Will, there was no doubt that Elora was “hot and happening”.

And so this brings us date night! The pair met for a romantic dinner at a ritzy beachside restaurant, and the chemistry was red hot from the get go. Throw in a few tequila shots, and the two were flirting and talking dirty in no time.


“I go to the gym to look hot naked” Elora said flirtatiously, before sharing the fact she’s wearing a matching black bra and panties. “I’ve got serious moves” replied Woody, before they spoke about french kissing and favourite sex positions.

There was a slight speed bump as Woody put his foot on the table to show Elora a tattoo that was inspired by her, but some sweet talking in French steered the ship back on course.

The two left together for a romantic stroll along the beach, which lead to a moment we’ll NEVER FORGET.

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