Bachelorette contestant Jess Glasgow, one of the men gunning for Angie Kent’s heart, caused an uproar for his behaviour during the second episode and was eventually told to leave by Angie Kent.

He joined Kyle & Jackie O on Friday to break his silence on the inappropriate comments he made during the episode. Hear what he said below.

The Noosa Counsellor revealed he wasn’t thrilled by his appearance on the show.

“What can I say Kyle? I’m actually shaking. I’m appalled,” he admitted. “Totally not happy at myself and I do not applaud any of the actions I took from what I did. It was so out of context. I am not a reality TV guy, it’s a whole other world.”

The 37-year-old politician seemed to be taking complete ownership of his actions and did not go down the well-trodden path of reality stars by claiming it to be a case of editing by producers.

“We went to a photo shoot, Angie said she wanted to see my wild side, so I did the jovial thing. I was the horse’s ass with a 98kg bodybuilder in front of me. She jumped on me. I made some very poor judgments,” he said.


Jess said that he was doing what he thought was funny but in hindsight he realised that Angie wasn’t appreciating what he was putting out there.

“I have tremendous respect for women,” he defended. “I have my dear old 84-year-old grandmother in Coolum that I take out every Wednesday for $2 bets. I have utmost respect for women. I haven’t done any of this stuff in the past but I just took it too far. I totally made poor judgment – and I agree with that. It’s reality TV, you don’t get a second chance and then it’s out there.”

When asked whether he watched the show last night, Jess said he did, until he “cringed and threw up.”

“I don’t applaud this behavior at all and I am fully remorseful for it,” he apologized.

He then went on to explain his version of events and what he thinks really happened, saying, “She jumped on my back and I just tickled the inside of her ankle.”

Jess also revealed he has since been told he should resign from his job as a Noosa councilor after his explosive appearance last night and the the backlash has been “huge.”


“Everyone hates me but they have full respect to,” he said. “My job is at risk now because of the show. I had the mayor ringing me this morning at 5:30am saying he was putting out a press release that you should be looking at resigning because this is not the attitude. I said, ‘well this is not me, this is reality TV, I would resign if I was convicted of something’.”

However, Jess said he has gone against the advice and is refusing to resign, however says he has a lot of work to do to win back voters he may have lost.

“It’s just not me,” he went on. “The comments about the bitch was just totally taken out of context. If you listen to my tone, I was somewhat jovial the whole time.”

Before issuing a sincere apology to Angie for his offensive comments.


“If you do hear from Angie later, just tell her that she’s a lovely woman, I had a great experience, she deserves way better than me.”