Most parents will agree with me that dinner time can be SUCH a hassle. While I love to cook, the time and energy that goes into meal planning can sometimes be a bit too much.

My mind starts to race… What to cook? What ingredients do we have in the cupboard? Do I have to make a trip to the supermarket? How can I make it nutritious but also tasty for fussy-eaters so I don’t get tantrums from the kids? And most importantly, when do I get to sit down and relax with a glass of wine?

Well, after hearing good things from friends, last week I decided to give HelloFresh a go! Here’s how the meal kit went for my busy family of six!

Quick and easy 

From the comfort of my couch with a wine in hand, I ordered our weekly dinners from the HelloFresh Family Plan.


It must have been my quickest grocery shop I’ve ever done, but no complaints here!

You can choose from three, four or five dinners per week packed with veggies and flavour.

All the meals are very kid friendly with nutritious, simple and no complex flavours, but there is the option to add more spice for Chris and me.  

Delicious meals 

We try to keep dinner simple because the kids are fussy eaters.

One of the great things about HelloFresh is the fresh spin on classic meals.


For example, last night we had a beef stir-fry with new fresh ingredients and spices that I would not have thought to combine myself in my usual old and tired stir-fry recipe. It was delicious!


I managed to surprise and delight the kids each night with yummy new recipes that had a nutritious punch.

Best part? The kids didn’t even realise the amount of vegetables they ate.


You know you’ve served up a crowd pleaser when there are no tantrums at the table. Oh, how I could get used to this!  


Honestly, I was really impressed with HelloFresh. Sometimes I’m just too busy to think about dinner and I switch to auto pilot by cooking the same meals over and over. The best part of HelloFresh? It did all the thinking for me. Everything. Each night I could trust the quality of the meals to be crowd pleasers for the whole family. I’m not even an amazing cook, but it was easy for me to make new dinner meals with ingredients I’ve never used because of the easy-to-follow recipe cards.  

The way I see it – I’ve just outsourced the nitty gritty bits of dinner so that I don’t have to worry and can spend more quality time with Chris and the kids.

If you want to stress less about dinner or just want to break up the routine, then HelloFresh will be your friend for life.

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